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#48 [EN] Weekly update

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  • Big improvement of focus system (interactibles).
  • When an object is unlocked with a key it will open automatically.
  • Fix invisible player when Wardrobe or Toilet is closed and opened quickly.
  • Improvement destruction system. (Fix invisible walls when toilet is destroyed)
  • Fix double feedback.
  • Big optimisation of highlight in Editor.
  • Better colliders for Dwarves’ Spawn.
  • Better action triggers for chests, trolleys, doors and wardrobe.
  • Add new room type : Tavern !
  • Fix resolution combobox.

#48 [FR] Mise à jour de la semaine

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  • Grosse amélioration sur le système de focus des objets interactibles.
  • On ouvre maintenant automatiquement un objet quand on le déverrouille avec une clé.
  • Correction d’un bug qui pouvait rendre un joueur invisible en fermant et ré-ouvrant très rapidement la porte de l’armoire ou des toilettes.
  • Amélioration du système de désactivation de components lors de la destruction d’un objet. (corrige le problème des murs invisibles quand on détruit les toilettes)
  • Correction sur les feedback d’état qui s’affichait en double en multi online.
  • Grosse optimisation du highlight dans l’éditeur.
  • Meilleur calibrage des colliders pour les entrées de mine.
  • Meilleur calibrage des triggers d’action sur les coffres, chariots, porte et armoire.
  • Ajout d’un nouveau type de pièce : Taverne !
  • Correction sur le choix de la résolution.

#47 [EN] Golden Panic available on Early Access

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Golden Panic is now available on Steam.

Golden Panic is a local and online Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler (from 2 to 4 players). Games are quick and user friendly.

In Golden Panic, every players controlled a Dwarf, exploring dungeons filled with goblins. One way to win: laugh all the way to the bank ! Players can collaborate to find incredible treasures and beat up some goblins … or other players!

Because there will be only one winner …

Have fun and may the best Dwarf win!

#47 [FR] Golden Panic est disponible sur Steam

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Golden Panic est disponible sur Steam !!!

Un an, six mois et vingt-et-un jours d’effort !

Et oui ça y est, Golden Panic est enfin sortie sur Steam.
Il nous aura fallu plus d’un an et demi à temps plein pour arriver à ce résultat et on espère de tout cœur qu’il sera à la hauteur de vos attentes.

Notre but a toujours été le même : “fournir un moyen de s’amuser entre amis sans prise de tete”. Le jeu a été entièrement pensé dans cette optique en se voulant le plus accessible possible et en misant tout sur l’instant fun. En en faisant par la même occasion l’un des rares jeux à proposer de l’écran scindé sur Pc.

On souhaite aussi adresser un grand merci à tous ceux qui nous ont suivi durant le développement de Golden Panic. Votre aide (même passive) nous a été d’un grand soutient à la fois moralement que techniquement quand il s’agissait de tester le jeu et reporter des bugs.

Mais l’histoire ne s’arrête pas là ! (enfin on l’espère :P )
On continuera bien sur à partager avec vous sur l’évolution du jeu et des prochains à venir.

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#46 [EN] One week before the released

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Hi everyone!

This time, it is the last review before the release of Golden Panic (June 21, 17h PDT).

So we focus on bug fixes and last minute improvements. we want to present a game as clean and stable as possible for its released in Early Access!


  • Added a permanent icon indicating the trolley position. It will be much easier to find his trolley in the big dungeons!
  • pooling system stronger.
  • Fixed bug where you could pick up randomly 1 or 5 keys.
  • Added feedback when a player is slow.
  • Adding feedback when a player has the screen that “flow”..
  • We no longer have to deselect and re-select the slowdown spell so that it appears after unlocking it.
  • The toilets are now destructible!
  • Fixed bug on mid game goals.
  • Fixed bug where a player sometimes remained invisible when the wardrobe was destroyed.
  • We now manage the disconnection of a player (client) in game. The remaining players can continue playing until the end.
  • We can now use the space key in the chat without creating a keyboard character. (Depending on the focus)
  • Correction on the display of the map, we no longer display “Waiting Host…”.
  • The game now launches into the native resolution of the screen when launched for the first time.
  • By default all graphic settings are set to “Medium”.
  • Same for the volume.
  • The popup to change the language does not appear any more when you open the option menu.
  • The game now launches in the right language if we did not choose to take the one set on Steam.
  • Adding music to the menu.
  • The render is now 100% Deferred, farewell the Forward! (It is two methods of rendering particularly impacting the lights, Deferred Is a more recent and more optimized method for rendering a large number of lights).
  • Ambient light was revised (We see much clearer where there is no light, it is better in the dungeon editor).
  • The power of the lights has been revised accordingly.
  • The lighting of the 3D menus has been revised accordingly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ambient Occlusion to blink (Mainly with certains NVidia Cards).
  • Alpha-containing elements now go to cutout.
  • The cel shading rendering has been revised and removed for a more classic lighting that increases the effect of modeling clay.
  • The pre-drawn shadows on the textures were removed to let the lighting make the job and increase consistency.
  • The barbarian now has the same skin color for the head and the body!
  • The animation of pulsation (light and emissive) of the mushrooms have been corrected.
  • The pressure plate fragments are no longer “on”.

Golden Panic and Linux

Lately, We had quite a lot of feedback on problems occurring on Linux and we want to make it clear that you have not been forgotten. As a reminder we expect to release Golden Panic only on Windows at first, The goal being not to leave the game on a platform that we do not own and that we could not test seriously. For the next update we will continue to fix some bugs to prepare Golden Panic release, those that are specific to Linux will arrive soon after when the game will be stable.

Ps: This week we will still try to do our best to correct the very troublesome problem of float parsing which blocks the loading of the dungeons.