#45 [EN] Expected release for June 22

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#45 [EN] Expected release for June 22

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Hi everyone,
Today I have bad news and three good news to announce!

Let’s start with the bad, Golden Panic will not released today. Although we worked like crazy all week to be ready (Which is the case because Steam approved the game and the store page that night), we finally decided to shift a little more the release date for marketing reasons.

Let us pass to the good news, first, you will enjoy the beta of Golden Panic a little longer because we decided to release the game on June 21 5 pm Pacific time, Thursday 22 June at 3am in France.

Second good news, this date was not chosen at random because we will release the game very shortly before the beginning of the summer sales. The goal is to take advantage of the great emphasis that enjoys the games sold during this period. In our case one can not really talk about sales but discount of launch that will last shorter (one week).

Last good news,we will have a little more time and less pressure to correct and improve some features and thus further increase our chances of success somewhat. (
But also to communicate a little everywhere about the release of the game).

You can go take a look at the shop page: http://store.steampowered.com/app/614550/Golden_Panic/


  • We do not spam the emotes anymore when we keep pressed on the directional arrows to the joystick
  • We now handle equality cases in the end game screen.
  • The dungeon official_16 has been replaced by GoblinCity.
  • The slowdown zones now correctly affect the goblins.
  • Strong reduction of rollback cases during goblin movements.
  • Decreased cases of sudden changes in goblins’ posture.
Afterlife Spells
  • Fixed on the placement of the slowing spell on the mouse when you are not J1 in split screen.
  • Fixed the slowdown spell that no longer affected anyone …
  • The Fx of placement for the slowdown spell no longer appears with disguised blue squares.
  • Added guidance on Afterlife controls (how to change spell, how to change target).
  • You can now change the spell with the directional arrows of the joystick.
  • We can play again by Ip Direct.
  • We can again leave a game in Ip Direct.
  • Fixed a critical bug that prevented a player to join a game.
  • Although better synchronization of the characters, we have no more cases where a player is not placed in the same place for the other players (Or very little time because the situation is very quickly rectified).
  • Fixed a bug on the character selection when using the yellow arrows.
  • Small joystick corrections and non-localized text in various menus.
  • We now propose to choose the language in the options. (By default we used the language defined in Steam)
  • Various corrections in the options menu.
  • Feedback on the validity of the fields has been added in the CreateAccount, Login, and TmpName popups.
  • Various fixes in the menu CreateAccount, Login, and TmpName popups.
  • Correction of kinship when placing objects on other purely decorative objects.


The next few weeks will be exclusively dedicated to the correction of bugs and improvements, there will be no notable addition to share can be new objects to use in the editor. The goal is to limit the addition of new features before the game is released and thus avoid creating a new bug.

I also take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all who came to test the game with us, we were able to fix some bugs and your suggestions were more than once relevant!