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#44 [EN] Last devblog

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Hi everyone,
Golden Panic is almost ready for its release in Early Access on Steam !

Initially, we had planned to release the game today (June 1st) but we finally decided to shift a small week (so on June 6th) not to release the game in a hurry. We modified the last little tricks yesterday (and this morning) and we prefer to retest the game calmly until next Thursday to ensure the quality at the release.

Notation of dungeons


  • The difficulty now has an impact on the Pv and the attack of the Goblins but also on the objectives of MidGame.
  • Adding layered mask to the attack animations of dwarves and goblins, it allows to be able to play the animation of attack on the upper part of the body while the lower part is controlled by the displacement. 😉
  • Small correction on the teleportation of a player who died in front of his trolley if he had launched the animation of the trolley before dying.
  • Fixed a critical bug that sometimes happened when a player died.
  • Small corrections on the conditions of success of the objectives of MidGame.
  • Small corrections on temporary modifiers including those affecting the speed of movement.
  • Split screen 3 players now have black in unused areas instead of seeing the bottom of the 3D menu of the screens.
  • Players’ actions are now blocked when the escape popup is opened.
  • Dwarf attack range has been increased.
  • Many other small fixes of less importance than it would be useless to list here.
  • We now verify that the host version of a game is identical to ours when we join the game.
  • We now verify that the part we are trying to reach has not already begun.
  • The system to join a game is much more robust than before with regard to checks.
  • Small corrections on the synchronization of end-of-game goals.
  • The matron now has hair! (With a small red ribbon to enhance her femininity)
  • Fixed a critical bug on initializing goblins when re-starting a new game.
  • Modification of the maximum boundary of the volume: + 20dB -> 0dB. So we have more boost sound that sizzles when you put the sound to the bottom.
  • Small correction on the output channels of the Gameplay sounds so that they are all properly affected by the effect volume setting in the options.
  • The unpleasant noise of the opening of all the doors of the dungeons is no longer heard at the launch of the game.
  • Small correction on the volume and sound range of the trolleys.
  • Fixed a bug that did not show the message that a player has joined the game in chat.
  • Fixed a bug that showed all players as ready when we returned to the lobby after a game. (Customer only)
  • Fixed a bug that offered to get kicked even when we returned to the lobby after a game.
  • Fixed a bug for displaying ready text when we returned to the lobby after a game.
  • The text « ready » of the distant players is no longer displayed in the lobby since there is no control over it.
  • Added a small indication to encourage players to open the help panel for character selection.
  • Check the focus when pressing the Ready key on the keyboard to make sure the user was not writing in chat.
  • Corrected of the texte « ready » for the keyboard.
  • The chat in the lobby is functional again!
  • Clients no longer have the right to modify the map or the parameters of the game.
List of online Games
  • We no longer display games that use a different version of the game.
  • We no longer display the parts that are already launched (they will be visible again when the players return to the lobby).
  • Addition of the Dungeon Scoring System!
  • Display of the dungeon note in all relevant menus.
  • Display the score given by the player instead of the overall score if he gave one. (With blue stars)
  • A complete pass was made to make the menus completely compatible in 16: 9 AND 16:10. Sorry for those who use a 4: 3 (a resolution 16: 9 will be proposed to you by inserting black bands at the top and bottom of the screen, a bit like the cinema).
  • A complete pass has been made to ensure that all menus have adaptive texts (font size that fits according to the space available to avoid unpleasant surprises with languages ​​that have lengthy words like German).
  • Clean residues on all menus (old outline, panel not used, etc …)
  • Several corrections and improvements on the removal of his dungeons (you can also cancel the changes made on a dungeon published)
  • The popup menu (ingame) no longer appears over the popup options.
  • We now notify the player with a popup that the game will close automatically to apply the changes when modifying the screen on which one wants to display the game.
  • Correction of a number of non-localized texts (translation).
  • Small corrections to dungeon listings displayed in community dungeons.
  • Added the yellow outline when you have the focus on the difficulty icons in the popup settings of the game.
Dungeon Viewer
  • The camera is now positioned above a mine entrance to avoid being lost if the level is empty in the middle.
  • The camera is now positioned above a mine entrance to avoid being lost if the level is empty in the middle.
  • Easily selectable door.
  • Stone table, correction of the collider.
  • Small rocks, correction of the collider.
  • Added NavMeshObstacles timber and wood parts.
  • Cauldron, correction collider + addition of NavMeshObstacles.
  • We no longer collude with lanterns on the floor.
  • Correction of a very large memleak on the effect of the contour used on the objects interractible and for the selection of the objects in the editor.
  • Fixed a very large memleak on the effect of multi-color outline on black (through walls) used for dwarves, goblins, coins, keys and hearts.

When I talk about very large memleak, that is to say that by letting the game run more than 10 min in certain situations we reached the 10GB of Ram! (With a fall of FPS more and more present over time)

  • We removed the debug mode on the build steam.
  • Removing the SplashScreen from Unity, so we gain some time on the launch of the game! :P

Only 7 days to enjoy GoldenPanic before its release!

Enjoy and do not hesitate to share your creations and your parties!